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  • Landscape Supply


    These traditional woodchips are often found on playgrounds, pathways and kennels, as they don’t tend to become compacted as a result of foot traffic. Wood chips will deteriorate slower than bark mulches because they are larger pieces of wood.

    $20.96 Per Yard

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  • Blond Pine

    This is a very consistent, light colored mulch. The resins or pitch in the pine bark will help it from decomposing as quickly as some other mulches, making it an outstanding value for the price conscious customer.

    $21.96 Per Yard

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  • Landscape Supply

    Brush Chips

    This is our least expensive mulch, and as the name suggests it is chipped brush. Brush chips may have large twigs, leaves and other debris in it, but make a good, inexpensive material for pathways, kennels and informal areas.

    $11.00 Per Yard

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